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The life of a Madman

One Atom at a Time

Well there is a lot to say there that may be interesting or may not. But I am sure someone will read it. As a child of the 70's i was born and raised in Oshawa Ontario, Canada where my father worked at a GM plant till he retired after 40 years. We lived next to a farm that I always dreamed of working at, and when I turned 15, that dream came true and I stayed at that job for 10 years, starting at mere farmhand to end up as the equivalent of a foreman of a work crew. I so loved working on the farm, the best time of my life even though it was hard work. At 19, i started attending the University of Guelph, where I majored in bio sci at first as I wanted to get into vet college, but then switched to chemistry once i was seduced by the dark side. I have now completed my phd at guelph in chemistry. it was in my first year that I met my beloved wife, who did go on to become a vet, a job that i am glad i did not go for in the end. Currently I work in a chemistry department in Ontario as a facility manager, research scientist and lab co-ordinator in chemistry.

As a hobby I write science fiction and currently have two books written. I do strive to get them published so people can enjoy what i am writing, and by all indicators, my work has been well received among those who have read it. so maybe you guys will see it out there in my pen name.